Starbucks Coffee on South Padre Island

We proudly serve Starbucks Coffee from our café located conveniently in the lobby of our hotel! Get your coffee or frapp fix any time of day!



The Tequila Bar

Our Tequila Bar is small & quaint but has a wide range of tequilas as well as many other beers, wines, and spirits. Our expert bartenders are ready to make your drink with the best and freshest ingredients. The La Copa Tequila Bar in conveniently located in our lobby.


La Copa Cabana Bar & Grill

La Copa Cabana Bar & Grill is our in-house restaurant and bar. We serve fresh and quick bites such as pizza, burgers, and tacos.


La Copa Market

If you forgot something on your travels or just need to grab a quick snack or even a beer, we've got you covered! La Copa Market has everything you could need, from souvenirs to beachwear, pool toys to ice cream.